Record chase on the markets: DAX, gold and champions in the spotlight

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This week, history was once again made in the financial markets. The DAX broke through its previous all-time high from July and is now trading above 16,650 points for the first time in history. Since the low at the end of October, the ongoing rally has lifted the DAX by nearly 2000 points or 13%. Interestingly, the stock market music is playing especially for the champions from the

Looking at the all-time high ratios, it is evident that the DAX has an all-time high ratio of 20% this year, while so far, 33 out of the 100 champions have reached new record levels. The champions’ all-time high ratio of 33% exceeds that of the DAX by 13 percentage points or 65%. More than a third of the new champions’ records (13) were set in the past three weeks. In the industry analysis, it is noticeable:

AI Race Boosts Technology Champions

Of the 22 technology champions, eleven have pushed their all-time highs higher this year, resulting in an all-time high ratio of 50%. This reflects the AI boom, especially through the introduction of the new AI module Gemini by Google’s parent company Alphabet. According to JPMorgan analysts, Gemini, in its Ultra version, is the first AI model to “achieve the performance of a human expert in general world knowledge and problem-solving abilities.”

Gold Breaks Out to the Upside

Apart from the AI race and the record chase in the stock markets, gold is also making history again. In early December, the yellow precious metal reached new all-time highs in both dollars and euros, above the $2000 and €1900 thresholds, respectively. The rise in the price of gold was fueled by subdued interest rate expectations, simmering crises in Ukraine and the Middle East, and historically high gold demand from central banks.

No matter what happens:

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