John Marks Templeton

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Sir John Marks Templeton was a British-American fund manager, philanthropist, and pioneer in the field of investment funds. He was born on November 29, 1912, in Winchester, Tennessee, USA, and passed away on July 8, 2008, in the Bahamas. Templeton founded the Templeton Growth Fund and was known for his successful investment strategy and philosophical views on finance.

Templeton began his career on Wall Street in the 1930s and quickly gained a reputation as a successful investor. In 1954, he founded the Templeton Growth Fund, which focused on international investments. Templeton was one of the first fund managers to extensively buy international stocks, thereby benefiting from economic developments in various countries.

His investment approach was based on in-depth research and the principle of investing in undervalued stocks. Templeton was also known for his philosophical perspective on finance, emphasizing the importance of discipline, patience, and independent thinking in investing.

John Templeton was heavily involved in philanthropy. He established the John Templeton Foundation, which focuses on supporting projects in the areas of science, religion, freedom, and human development.

In recognition of his achievements, he received numerous awards, including the Order of the British Empire and the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. John Marks Templeton is regarded as one of the outstanding figures in the history of the financial world and philanthropy.

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